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Tobie Alexandra Orr

Producer, Stylist, Creator, Organizer, Designer, Deliverer 


Your personal assistant concierge and event planner

creating customized "a la carte" services and packages.

No task is too big or too small and all tasks are always attainable , arrangeable, manageable & deliverable


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Specializing in the creation of exceptional events for private and corporate clients, designing, planning and managing every project from conception to execution.


As a seasoned professional understanding that breakthrough ideas are only as good as the discipline and execution supporting them. Believing that there is a invaluable and important connection and balanced combination between the mastery of logistics and Creative that make perfection, creating a memorable and incredible event to life.


Each event is customized, reflecting the brand personality of each client. As brand management goes hand in hand with corporate events, product launches and marketing events are Integral part of any event.


Whether working for an individual, a product, a company or a cause, the work embraces experiences that integrate innovative design with the finest in wine and cocktails, dining, music, entertainment that tells a story leaving unforgettable Memories.



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Tobie Alexandra Orr is known nationally for her extensive experience with media publications, TV networks, national designers and fashion shows, such as GMA Good Morning America, Life & Style, Teen Vogue, People, Lucky, MTV, Food Network, HGTV and has worked with designers such as Catherine Malandrino, Betsey Johnson and Burton Snowboards


Creative Content Curator

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Be the Story Creator – Creating the stories told

Creating custom curated “out of the box” marketing concepts. Reaching far and wide for insights, integrations so every connection is more alive, memorable, authentic, and elegant. Being the experiences and memories people connect to in the same way they connect, earning their respect and trust.